Saturday, November 12, 2011


Dear Monkey A,
We are writing to let you know the following services have been approved by Blank Blank Health Insurance Company:
18 Physical Therapy Visits.
Your health is important to us. Thank you.
Blank Blank Health Insurance Company

We have a "case manager" who is supposed to help coordinate Baby B's care. Unfortunately, she didn't seem to understand the terms "medical management team" or "essential services per PPACA," so I went it alone and had our physical therapy department file appeals for us until we won.
In the mean time, I'd found a non-profit organization that helps get care for people age 3 and up with developmental disabilities. I shot them an email with the hopes they'd know something. They did. It turns out there's an additional $1200 available through the county for services left uncovered by other means. Of course it turns out we don't need it this year, but that is definitely information I'll be holding onto for next year. A bonus? I passed the information along to a friend whose son needs speech therapy and lacks the insurance to pay for it.

So. We won this round. Go us.


  1. You are amazing! Keep up the fight.

  2. Does Monkey B qualify for BMCH?
    They are a tertiary insurance company that will cover things your insurance does not...

  3. We've applied, but won't hear back until early next year.