Friday, November 4, 2011

Babies and Bubbles

Early Intervention continues for both Monkeys....Speech therapy was out last week and introduced BUBBLES into our lives. Both love them, but Monkey A loses his flipping mind whenever the bottle is produced. He reaches out, he tries to catch them, he blinks when they land in his eyes....He squeals, he claps....they are obvs his new favorite thing.  We have them on all floors of the house so in case of a bubble emergency we are well equipped. The report I received yesterday when I called to check from work...Monkey A army crawled across the floor to get closer to the bubbles, clapped his hands, and said "bobo." (lamenting again at not seeing this myself, but that's a post for another day.)

Monkey B has been fondly christened THE DESTRUCTOR. Anything and everything that is in her path will be destroyed. And eaten. Or kicked, pinched, or smooshed. Internal parenting battle: I keep catching myself telling her she's bad. I'm saying it in an affectionate tone, but I'm certain this isn't something she should be hearing daily. Mischievous? Curious? In need of redirection?

Monkey A is quickly running out of physical therapy visits. We met with BCMH but don't expect to be approved until sometime early next year. While that's great for next year, it's not very useful for this year.  I found out about a Family Support fund available through the county developmental disabilities office, but haven't heard back about that either. The rehab facility is appealing to try and get us more visits. The insurance company has offered us home health to come do it, but I'd rather keep doing what we're doing if we can...he's thriving and doing so well with it, I'd rather not rock that boat. My theory as to why they would offer home health instead of therapy visits is that each policy year, we're afforded a PT/OT bucket and a home health bucket. Having exhausted our PT/OT bucket, they're trying to offer the home health bucket to avoid paperwork or appeals. Or something. I don't care why, really. I just want my boy to get the help he needs. I'll keep plugging away.

Tomorrow, he'll have been home a year. A year. Today they turned 14 months. Incredible. Expect a lengthier reflection on that tomorrow.

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  1. Yay for bubbles! Mae loves them too, and even learned how to 'blow' with all the bubble blowing we do around here. - Liza