Saturday, March 10, 2012


He took a few steps a couple days before I turned 35. Amazing. Then yesterday, he took lots. From me to my sister, with both of my parents sitting there. We all clapped and cried and cried and clapped and he is so, so proud.

We had our 18 month well visit...I think we're still "delayed," for speech especially. I'm not really worried, not yet. The pediatrician asked if they repeated words we said, and no, hadn't been. But that same night, they did. And this is why I'm not worried.

In other news, these are things I'm reading:


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  2. I'm pretty sure they do that just to show to our peds just how wrong they are. In fact, I'm convinced that's the case. Every time we're told about some way which we're "behind" - within 24 hours they're doing it like they'd been doing it all along. Oh these babies, they're fantastic.