Thursday, October 13, 2011

Baby B and Me....

A challenge of parenting twins, especially when one's needed much more attention than the other, is a worry that one isn't logging as much mama time as the other. All the nights I've spent in the hospital with the boy baby, all the evenings at physical therapy, the extra time working on muscle strength and reflexes on the floor...the nights I slept with him on my chest when he was first sick...all that time he's in my arms, the girl baby isn't. From the very, very beginning she's been more independent....the day they were born she didn't even need to stop and say hello before being whisked away.  Now that she's crawling, she's growing less and less needy. But I worry that I've bonded more with the boy baby, and that the girl baby and I won't have the kind of strength in our relationship that the boy baby and I have. Tonight, though, she was extra tired, and was offering up a rare snuggle. I took full advantage. We spent time looking into each other's eyes....and I saw my own. No one has ever resembled her mother more than this child resembles hers. We don't need the extra time, the wiggle worm and I, because we already understand each other. It started out that way.

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  1. ugh. tears. should I be reading all this, in my state of being? I can't help it.